Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yonder Day 3

I am pleased.  Today's scene (in yellow) rolled fairly well, pretty much as I had planned it, although I wasn't certain when I began just what Nathan was going to say to get under Azariah's skin.  Granted, the 'coward' line is cliched, but it remains the sort of thing that one does not say.  Since I envision Azariah being quite like Conan in his brooding condition, it's easy to imagine the kind of response one would get telling Conan he's a coward.

I want to reserve for the moment any discussion of what Nathan means by there being no "afterlife."  It is meant to draw the curiousity of the reader, and throughout the novel I'd like to stave off explaining about the various elements until the novel itself explains them.  I can say for the moment that the discussion of the "gramen," and the suggestion that a fight is coming, is a very central theme throughout the book.  Azariah's childhood as a miller ought to be important later (though for the moment I don't see how) as is Nathan's father being a maker of pots.  Hell, every prop and bit of information can be utilized as foreshadowing for something in the book ... all the writer has to do is keep this sort of thing in mind and then write towards it.

Getting my hand in with a quick description of a very fast fight ... there's meant to be a lot of fighting coming, and I admit that its something that concerns me.  I'm anxious that every exchange like this is clear and concise, something the reader can picture and latch onto.  Otherwise, the fighting scenes throughout the book are going to be the failure of the work.

Oh well.  More tomorrow.

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